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70W MH and HPS Electronic Ballast-we are the professional 70W MH/HPS Electronic Ballast supplier,70W MH/HPS Electronic Ballast have get CE & FCC certificate,good quality,pls send enquiry of 70W MH/HPS Electronic Ballast to sales@chnfavor.com
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70W MH and HPS Electronic Ballast

We are the 70W MH/HPS Electronic Ballast professional supplier,good quality with competitive price,welcome to contact us for enquiry.
70W MH and HPS Electronic Ballast Description

The MH/HPS electronic ballast is used for metal halide bulb and high pressure sodium bulb, which made refer to the American technology standard. It can start the bulb without the additional and compensator. It can save about 30% electrical power and prolong the lamp’s life. High luminous efficiency, high illuminating quality, wide range current and voltage, It can be operated from 90-260VAClittle starting current, with various protection function in special situation.

Appliance: Aquarium, farm, Garden, Piazza, Factory, Billboard, high speed, Engineering Lighting and so on.

Model Lamp Input Voltage Rated Power Starting Current  Working Current Power Factor Lamp Current Crest Factor Lumen coefficient HD Working Temp. Max Case Temp.
FVE-MH/HPS 70W MH/HPS 70W 120/220V 70W 0.10 0.64/0.32 ≥0.98 1.5 ≥0.93 ≤5% -40℃~+50℃ +80℃

Model Dimension (MM) N.W (KG) Packing  (PCS) Packing Size (CM)
FVE-MH/HPS 70W 170X95X54 0.8 10 59X28X15.5

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